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Off the Rails: A Train Trip Through Life , Hörb...
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In this witty and entertaining collection of travel tales, an acclaimed journalist explores his obsession with trains - and what his rail journeys have taught him about culture and identity. ´´I´ve gone around the world in installments. Every trip has been a revelation. I´ve watched regions, nations, and continents change moods and I´ve met more people on trains than in 40 years of airplane flights. Every train trip has been a spectacle. Trains are stages, cafés, bazaars. The only talk show that will never go off the air....´´ Beppe Severgnini has spent his life traveling the world, and not just because he´s a journalist; he´s a passionate, unflagging train buff. Off the Rails recounts some of his favorite trips across Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States, each journey bringing listeners not only to a different place but to a different time, from his honeymoon on the Trans-Siberian Express (in a four-person compartment!), to a winding journey from Russia to Turkey during the last summer of communism, to a recent coast-to-coast trip with his son from Washington, D.C., to Washington State. Off the Rails is the perfect getaway for anyone with a touch of wanderlust, who dreams of escape or just likes to laugh. Filled with memorable characters and perceptive observations, it demonstrates - hilariously - what unites us. With the world in chaos and life in perpetual fast-forward, it´s always the right time to hop on board with Beppe Severgnini and meet your charming, hapless, quarrelsome, romantic, shifty, quirky, endearing neighbors. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Edoardo Ballerini. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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