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Taschenbuch - 832 Seiten - KP Books - Auflage: 5 - 1996 - Englisch Wie von der Zeitschrift ´Goldmine´ nicht anders zu erwarten ist dies eine sehr gründlich recherchierte Preisliste, in der man sich auf 104 Seiten Einführung die Mühe gemacht hat, auch kleinste Unterschiede z.B. bei einzelnen Labelaufdrucken zu erklären. Den meisten anderen Preislisten für LPs deutlich überlegen. Neue, überarbeitete 5. Auflage. This completely updated edition of the price guide collectors rave about contains never-before-published listings and album prices for the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Jefferson Airplane, just to name a few. An amazing 30,000 entries are included for the categories you want to know about: rhythm & blues, rock ´n´ roll and soul. You´ll also find all kinds of music from the ´50s through the ´80s, including such genres as group vocals, dance music, surf, British Invasion, folk rock and psychedelic. There are also thousands of listings for garage, frat, disco, metal, funk, punk and new wave. Get more for your money: • More Pages — 840 pages of essential record-collecting data • More Photos — Over 200 pages of illustrations — 50% more than the previous edition • More Information — Expanded notations and hundreds of new cross-references Read about the top 50 most valuable U.S. albums, as well as thousands of albums valued at $4-$20. Find your favorite artists quickly and easily in alphabetical listings. Then check out separate sections dedicated to soundtracks, various artist compilations, still-sealed albums, foreign releases and more! That´s not all ... this newest edition also includes: • Fully revised and greatly expanded record company label directory • Broader coverage of artists from the ´70s and ´80s • Complete discographies for even more artists Neal Umphred, editor of previous editions of this popular price guide and other Goldmine books, combines his years of collecting experience with meticulous attention to details to give you the ultimate insider´s price guide.

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