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Wisdom of the Angels
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This is the big little book of over 100 quotes from more than a decade of Joe's visits with the Angels. This is a book for everyone, just the quotes and without metaphysical commentary. It is a carry-anywhere 4 x 4 inch book with comments by Joe, introduction and your kind reviews. This book makes a great gift. Joe's Introduction to the book: I've been visited by angels for 15 years and they have had a lot to say. They can reveal profound information with just a phrase. Occasionally, one of these tidbits pops into my mind at just the right time. I got to thinking that these phrases could be of value to everyone. The angelic quotes in this book can help keep us on our spiritual path. When something is bothering me, I go to the quotes and find just what I need. Angels have been spoken of ever since stories have been told. People throughout the world attest to seeing angels. There are more stories of people seeing and getting messages today than any other time in history. There are more people who have seen an angel or had an angel touch their lives than you may think. I know you picked up this book for a reason and it is not by accident. Just like me, you want to know for sure if angels are real. Over 18 years ago I found the answer to my question. Yes, angels are real. What you don't know is there have been angels working in your life for a long time. Angels have been there for you when you were helped by a stranger in a time of need. Angels have given you comfort in words of wisdom and you didn't even know it. The first time I ever heard an angel was many years ago and that voice saved me as well as the others who were with me. I was stationed on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal during the Vietnam War. On July 29, 1967, I was in a compartment with several other men who had worked all night, trying to catch some sleep before the next shift. An airplane on deck misfired a missile and it struck a fuel tank on a plane and exploded. After the initial explosion, the bombs started to cook off and explode, opening the deck. Bombs fell through the holes and down through the ship's nine levels, killing as they exploded. The ship's cabins and corridors were filled with thick smoke and we were trapped until I heard a voice that said, 'Come this way if you want to live!' I followed that voice along with the other crewmen in my quarters to safety. I never met who was behind that voice until 30 years later. But that, my friends, is another story. My life has had its ups and downs, but through these years, the angels Michael, Gabriel and others have blessed me with philosophical insight, tools for healing and visions of what is to come. It is up to you to explore these pages and find what is true for you.

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