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Up in the Air with Bananas
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Up in the Air with Bananas'Up in the air with Bananas' is a children's educational interactive book about safety on board an airplane. I wrote this book to educate kids & parents to understand the importance of safety as today's world has changed so much. They will learn everything from what to pack in their bags, what to expect during check In and security ,all safety related information on an airplane. As well as lot's of fun stuff like the airplane galley where we cook the food, the flight deck and they will aslo be able to get the captain's signature. Real pictures will help your kids identify with what they will see on their trip. There are also two pages of tips that will provide reassurance to Mom's & Dad's out there. Your kids will love Bananas as he makes learning fun! Bananas is also available to purchase with a knapsack online with Amazon and hoping Chapter's/indego as well. Or it can be purchased directly from myself via my website. Bananas also has a New Release song called 'Up in the air with Bananas' on Youtube the kids love already. I have had Bananas traveling with me for 1 year and his instagram followers are over 1000 and Bananas isn't even out yet. Bananas and I are looking forward to receiving pictures of kids all over the world with thier new best friend. kids will be able to share their pictures as well as send Bananas messages on his website. Thank you for taking the time to read my description as I promise the kids are going to love it.I hope you enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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